Saturday, December 22, 2012


Why yes, yes I do weigh my snakes.  I'm completely Type A, I know.

Anyway, this afternoon seemed like as good a time as any; since Sarah finished her shed (and she ate while in blue!), I figured I'd weigh her first.  When we got her she weighed a whopping 16 grams to Slither's 14, so today's weigh in showed Sarah at 36 grams and Slither at 23.  They both definitely put on weight since their last weigh-in.

I'd never weighed Lucy and Scales, and I don't know what they should weigh, nor do I have their exact hatch dates, but they both look great.  They've each shed completely, are eating a f/t rat fuzzy once a week, and they're defecating.  Lucy weighed in at 192 grams, and Scales threw a whopping 212 grams on the scale!  Granted, he's got major sausage butt so I'm betting he'll drop some once he "goes"again.

Speaking of Type A Snake Issues, each of the snakes has a chart.  Slither and Sarah's charts are on a piece of notebook paper in the Gum Zombies room.  We log their weights weekly, barring shed issues, and also record their feeding and sheds.  Scales and Lucy's charts are on an Excel spreadsheet on my computer.  I log their feeds, defecations/ urate passings, sheds, and now also their weights, all by date.

So far, so good.  Everyone's eating, digesting, eliminating, shedding, and gaining weight.  And outside of Sarah, aka The Snake from Hell*, they're all pretty friendly to boot.  I can't really ask for much more :)

*Actually, she's not at all awful and once I've got her out of her tank handled for a couple of minutes she calms down beautifully.  She's just a bit thrashy, especially when freshly shed.  But she's also the only snake we have that's bitten me (didn't even break the skin, hehehe), so she comes by her moniker honestly.


  1. Do you log me as well dear? I'm eating, digesting, eliminating, shedding and gaining weight too! :)

  2. Yeah, we're both gaining weight dear, what with the holidays and all! :P