Sunday, June 9, 2013

Look What Followed Me Home from Repticon!

Introducing my very own baby boa :)  He's a little boy (very little... only for now), has eaten 2x according to his breeder, and has a little kink in his tail.  He's absolutely perfect for us.

Name to be forthcoming.  I'm leaning toward George...


  1. Oh big lot of help YOU were, with your "Whatever makes you happy, baby" support on how we didn't need another snake *thbbbppptttt*

  2. Yep. And a new puppy followed ME home, so there! (You weren't much help on the "we don't need another dog" support speech either.) :)

  3. I told you I didn't think we could do another dog! It's not my fault you had excellent plans for how we could. So there. :)

  4. SQUEEEE! What a cute baby!

    I need to post some photos of our Pablo; he is filling out nicely w/weekly feedings.