Monday, April 6, 2015

So long, farewell...

I last posted in October of 2014, and figured it was all good to go.  In all fairness, it should have been.

Sadly, my Emily got sick mid-November of 2014 and after a week's hospitalization, we had to make the very difficult (yet agonizingly easy) call to have her put down.  She had an extremely aggressive cancer and in spite of our efforts, there was nothing we could do.

I miss her.  She went from this, at only 8 years old,

to this:
And finally, to this:
I'm heartbroken.  But when we brought her home, both our boys (Daniel and Bob) stood guard over her statue for hours.  They miss her, as do we all.


Once we thought we were safe, Nicole (rat, age 25 months) had a stroke.

We thought she was on her way out, but she kept going.

so I took her to the vet and all seemed promising!

But $58.00 and two days later she left us.  Drat.


I wasn't planning on getting another animal, but my mother was looking for a puppy two years after her beloved chihuahua Dora passed away.  She wanted me to come with her to look at a possibility with her.  I did.  The puppy wasn't for her.  But...

She was for us.  Her name is Lily :)  Lily is a chiweenie (God help us, I know -- I can't believe we have a chiweenie either) and she is darling.


So here we are, now 2 cats and 3 dogs rather than the reverse. We're doing pretty well, all things considered.  Of course, our three remaining rats aren't going to make it too much longer.  Bella has a mammary tumor along with a likely case of liver cancer; Oops is getting scary-thin for no apparent  reason, and The Sarah Rat is staring into space without any impetus so... yeah, it's bad on the rodent end.

But they're our babies.  We'll do the best we can.  Prayers welcome, y'all.  The scaly critters are blooming, so on the plus side there is that :)

Take care.

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  1. Oh you poor thing! You've had quite a run of terrible luck with your pets lately! I adore rats! I wished they lived longer and weren't so prone to cancer. :( *HUGGGGGGGGGS*