Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Most of the ball python care sheets I've read, like this one, this one, and this one, recommend humidity levels within the snake's enclosure ranging from 50% to 60%, spiking up to 70% when the snake is getting ready to shed.  Of course with my luck running the way it does, Scales's and Lucy's tubs started out at 53% empty and once I put the snakes in they have been running more like 64 - 67% humidity.  No, I don't know what causes this outside of the mere presence of the snakes and their respiration, so I asked the folks at BP.net if this was problematic.  Eventually I learned that this level of humidity level tends to be part and parcel of keeping snakes in central Florida, but prior to that being pointed out to me one person suggested that the snake might have, erm, "done a doodle" which tends to be the culprit when one experiences unexplained humidity spikes.

I didn't think this was the issue, because I've been checking their tubs as carefully and subtly as I can (the snakes are still settling in and I don't want to disturb them needlessly), and there has been nothing in them that I didn't put there with my own two hands.  But it never hurts to check so I knew I'd be doing a very thorough inspection of their tubs this evening. When I arrived home, it was to find Lucy's tank still parked at 64% whereas Scales's tank had spiked up to 70%.

Guess who had a gift for Mommy?

So at any rate, now I have experienced my first ball python poo and it wasn't a horrible experience.  It didn't even reek, unlike the foul little gifts our resident felines tend to leave in the litter box!  I think I can live with this.  Good thing, too, because if Scales is any indication, Lucy (whose substrate was still completely dry at last check) should be delivering her own present to me within the next few hours.

Edited on Wednesday, November 28th to add:
Well, forget using humidity as a sign someone has done something foul in his or her tub.  This morning they were both up around 70% humidity and both of them had bone dry substrate.  Last night Lucy passed urates at least, but we're still waiting for the other to appear.  I give!  I just don't want to drive my poor baby snakes nuts.  I'm such a paranoid snake mom :P

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