Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Setup and the Snakes!

I started this entry Friday night because I was so excited we finally had their vivariums set up.  Here is the shelving unit in its entirety.  The Herpstat (thermostat for reptile enclosures) is on the top shelf to the left.  My snake's enclosure is on the next shelf down, and the Gum Zombie's snake is on the bottom shelf.

Now that the snakes are in the tubs they're both fastened with luggage straps across the long sides and clips on the short sides, just for security's sake.  Yes, there are stuffed animals and random toys at the base.  Yes, that is an American Girl doll.  You're right, I have no daughters.  She's mine.  Brent made her bed for me.  She also has a wardrobe.  And my brother thinks the snakes are my midlife crisis? 

Ahem.  Anyway, next is Scales's enclosure.  The black boxes are "hides" for the snake.  There is a hide on the warm side (right) and the cooler side (left).  The water bowl pictured was a temporary solution -- I purchased some but they just didn't fit.  This morning I found something a bit more appropriate before we headed over to pick up the snakes.  Lucy's enclosure is identical.

The hides themselves might be a bit large, but the small hides are only half the size so I'll admit I'm kind of at a loss for what to do there.  I do own the smaller hides so we'll see if the snakes would prefer those should the need arise.

And here is my thermometer/ hygrometer.  I love the fact that I was able to just pick this up at Wally World.  Twelve bucks, and easily the cheapest piece of technology I've purchased in quite some time.  Its actual purpose is to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity, but as you can see it's easily converted to measure warm side/ ambient side temperatures along with enclosure humidity.

The readings you're seeing were early; the numbers are now 90 on the hot spot, 78 ambient, and 60% humidity.  I like that better than the 53% from last night!

And finally, because what good is this entry without the snakes, here's Scales, before being put into his enclosure:

And here's Lucy:

And they will all, hopefully, live happily ever after.  I'll keep you posted :)

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