Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whatever Works

It's almost bedtime for me, but I couldn't go down without sharing the feeding time story for the night.

I was on my own with the snakes this evening since the Gum Zombie was tied up with homework.  I started by giving our pet rats a tiny piece of cheese and a wedge of apple each.  I tell myself this makes up for the fact that I'm thawing out their frozen brethren a few doors down.

Anyway, once I assured myself our rats were fully distracted, I got the snakes' food ready.  Sarah has moved up to ASF fuzzies and had absolutely no problem sucking down two of those and a tiny mouse pink on top of that.  Slither had two pinks as opposed to his former three (hence Sarah's ingesting of a third rodent for the evening), but one of them was admittedly much larger than the other.

Lucy pounded her dinner in good order. Then there's Scales.

Most of the time he's a very good eater, but this week he got a bit picky.  I'm sure it didn't help that he was grabbing ahold of his food in the middle rather than at one end or another.  I tried repositioning it when he'd let go; I even removed his food entirely and blew my blowdryer on it on high to make sure it was nice and warm for him!

No dice.

Finally I said the heck with it, put the top back on his enclosure, and got in the shower with Katy Perry blasting in the background.

When I was finished I checked Scales again.  Dinner was gone.  All I can figure is we now have one snake who needs a little privacy and Katy Perry in order for him to consent to dine  Like the title says, hey, whatever works.

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