Friday, March 29, 2013

Picky Eaters

Last night, my twerpy male snakes gave me fits.  Slither wouldn't eat, period.  Didn't sniff his pink, just ran away from it to the point where Choreboy and I threw up our hands, put him back into his substrate, and gave the remains of the day to an already-well-fed Sarah.

Then there was Scales.  Scales decided to scalp his dinner, after which he utterly ignored it.  Choreboy tried and tried to reinterest the boy, but no dice.  THAT particular bit of food got wasted :(  Ugh.

Finally, adding insult to injury, Sarah's shed didn't go well this time.  Instead of a beautiful clean shed, she repeated her first shed with us where from the neck down she was perfection, but her head retained its skin.  ARRRRGH!!!!  So now I've got to figure out if we're going to try to assist her in finishing that off, or if we should just leave it be until the next time she goes into blue.  Our vet said the latter was fine, but the herper friends I've spoken to prefer the former.

My brain hurts.  I just wish my stupid snakes would eat.  And shed.  Sigh.

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