Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vet Report :)

Well, Leonard (I've bumped the spelling to the English variant because remembering the "H" was messing with my head) is doing pretty well.  He's eaten for me every week except last, which he refused, but he ate again this Saturday so it appears all is well in his scaly little world.

I took him in to our exotics vet this past Monday for a general checkup in case I'd missed anything (like the micro ophthalmia affecting his right eye, for instance, that I didn't notice until I'd had him home for about a week); also because at that time he had yet to produce any waste for me, plus there was the whole meal-skipping incident.  Happily, when I went to pack him up for his vet visit, he'd managed to "perform" so I scooped that up and into a ziploc bag because DocRock is a fiend for fecals.  Might as well knock that out in one trip.

The vet report is good :)  The kink in Leonard's tail is minimal and isn't impeding his ability to pass waste (as evidenced by the giant 18g movement he managed*), she saw no sign of mites, his little right eye, although rendering him virtually blind on that side, isn't going to bother him, and he's absolutely lovely color-wise.

Also, the fecal came back clean so I don't have to worm him.  Thank goodness, because prying open a snake's mouth to dose it with ivermectin isn't on my short list (or even long list) of Things I Want to Ever, EVER Do Again..  We had to do it with the ball pythons and it was decidedly less than fun, so I'm thrilled I won't be experiencing a repeat.  There's a reason for my frozen/ thawed snake food obsession, and it extends beyond the nice little compartmentalization I work to maintain in light of The Rats That Ate My Free Time.

Oh, and the food refusal was likely because he may be going into shed -- he's looking a bit dull at the moment -- or it's possible his delighted new owner held him a bit too much the week prior *hanging head*.  So I'm putting myself on a handling schedule to make sure he gets the contact his eventual size (6', prayerfully not 7) requires, while not disrupting his thermoregulation to the point where he's unimpressed by food.

Anyway, we're good to go!  He ate yesterday, so I can't hold him until Tuesday lest I disrupt his digestion.  Since I'd prefer not to clean up a regurg, I'm going to go with that.

*I know it was 18g because I weighed him prior to The Event and he'd hit 102g, but afterward he dropped to 84g.  Impressive!

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