Friday, August 23, 2013

Sheds and Whatnot

Because life is so exciting I figure I'd share that both Leonard and Slither managed to shed within the past couple of weeks, and both did so with an absolute minimum of muss and fuss.  Yay, snakes!

Leonard gave me fits a few weeks ago.  I fed him and while he was yawning to realign his jaws, I saw what looked like black smears on both the top and bottom interior of his mouth.  So, because I am a panicky boa constrictor owner, I dragged his still-tiny snakey self in to see DocRock the next available appointment.

And let me state now, if you haven't already figured it out, but I am an idiot.  The "smear" I saw on the bottom of his mouth was his tongue, and the one on the top?

A freaking shadow. Yes, boys and girls, I am a complete genius.  But $21.00 later at least I'm not panicked.

I've also upped Leonard, at DocRock's behest, to 2 ROAASes* every other week, with a single ROAAS on the weeks in between.  It seems the little critter is growing.  I'll weigh him tonight and edit this entry with the results.

Weight edit (I'm a little late -- it's Monday, 8/26 now):  115 grams! 

Yes, I used Paint on the background. My skills are minimal.
Otherwise, all is well in the world of the slithery.  Have a good one :)

*Rodents Of An Appropriate Size -- yes, I'm still trying to ignore the facts about what I feed my damned pets :P

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