Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving On Up!

Leonard is growing and his home needs to grow with him.  Honestly, if I didn't already have this 36" x 18" tank sitting around (freebie from a coworker) I'd have sprung for his permanent enclosure already, but at this time of the year I feel WAY more like hoarding money than flinging it about, so this larger tank is the way for us to go.

He started here, back in June:

And I'd say we've rather expanded things with his new enclosure:

To give a better idea of the scale of the tank, he's using the same water bowl.  His hide sizes have moved from small to medium, and the wood in the back of the tank is partly the same piece of dried grapevine, but held in place with two heavier newer pieces of wood.

I've also tossed some cutesie little artificial plants in the back, just to fill out the tank a bit more so he isn't overwhelmed.  Here's a closer shot of Leonard enjoying his new space:

I love my ball pythons and sand boas for the more secretive snakes that they are (and they're all a joy to hold), but Leonard's curiosity and greater interactivity are so much fun.  I am thrilled we have him :)

There's Mommy's pretty boy.

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