Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updates :)

Wow, I've been slacking haven't I?

I guess in a way that's good.  All is well with the beasties.  I weighed Lucy today and she's now over 1000 grams, which means she's pretty much 10x the size she was when I got her a little over a year ago.  Sarah is well over 200 grams, Slither finally cleared 60 grams (took that boy long enough, after a several-week feeding strike... sheesh!), Scales is 900+ grams, and Leonard weighed in at 264 grams just four days ago.

I've been getting the 40 gallon breeder tank ready for Leonard to move into this week.  It was a freebie from a friend -- her son's tortoise died -- so in light of the fact that I don't know what bugaboos that poor baby had, I fully disinfected it (with a bleach solution), rinsed it beyond thoroughly, wiped it down, and am now airing it out until next weekend when we'll move the little dude into his new digs.

Speaking of Leonard, I have a couple of newer pictures of him.  He has GROWN!  And he also is rather peachy in color, which is just lovely.  He's got a darker phase:

and a lighter phase:

Same snake, same lighting, same time of day.  It's weird, but cool :)

I'll get up some new pictures once his new enclosure is all put together.  It's not his final enclosure by any means, but it should hold him for another year or so.  After that, we're looking at moving him into a 4' x 2' enclosure in the master bedroom.  He's a great little snake and he's going to be a great big snake who's going to need room to stretch out from time to time; since the master bedroom doesn't allow any furry pets inside, it's the best place around, plus the extra door between Leonard's enclosure and the fuzzballs gives us an added measure of security.

We shall have no "Oopsies".  Yuck.

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